Madeira Island

Madeira island holidays are both for the young and old alike. There is so much to see and do, that a week is hardly enough time. Madeira Island has long ago been nicknamed as "The Pearl of the Atlantic". From the numerous photos available on the internet, one can clearly see why. From it´s majestic mountains created by an extict volcano millions of years ago, to the biggest Laurissilva forest in the world, all surrounded by the deep atlantic ocean

Madeira Sightseeing

Madeira Island Tours

Sightseeing in Madeira is, as one can imagine, a popular activity. There are numerous full day and half day tours, across the island. Due to the islands nature and its roads, it is best to to do the tours by minibus or even jeep. There is also the open top sightseeing bus that one can go on to discover Funchal and Camara de Lobos.

Madeira Levada Walking

Madeira Levada Walking

The levadas are irrigation channels that where frst build hundreds of years ago. They cut through the mountains and the Laurissilva forest making walking, a really spiritual experience. These walks are unique and Madeira is fast becoming known as a walkers paradise. There are walks for everyone, from the more serious walkers to the relaxed easy sunday walkers. Walking across the island is different way of geetting to see this paradise.

Big Game Fishing 2010
Madeira Boat Tours
Atlantic Festival

June 5, 12, 19, 26
The Atlantic Fireworks Festival, kicks of in June. Combined with a background orchestral music this fireworks competion, is not to be missed.

August 5,6,7
The Madeira Wine Rally is spectacular event that takes part across the island, which forms part of the European Rally championship.

Island Jeep Tours
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